Badger Bracketology: Wisconsin in March Madness I


Since football season is over and I know you are missing the hard-hitting “5 Things to Watch For” segment of this blog, I figured I’d start a new tradition.

Each Thursday I’ll post where five different “experts” have the Badgers seeded and who their opponents are for March Madness. I’ll also list the scenarios for the other Big Ten teams. Sound fun? I hope so.

Follow below for the inaugural (not first annual, I made that mistake once at work and oh boy…) Badger Bracketology.

CBS Sports – Jerry Palm is usually pretty good. He also keeps it updated quite a bit, so I like to read his stuff.

  • Wisconsin – Midwest #1 seed against the winner of Southern U and Davidson. With all the Midwest scenarios, the Badgers would play their first two games in Milwaukee and the next two in Indianapolis. Not too bad. Obviously, Wisconsin should have no trouble against any 16 seed, but I just don’t want to see Davidson. How about some team that has never done anything in the tourney?
  • Michigan State – South #1 seed against Bryant. They’d also be in Milwaukee. Would the two fan bases cheer for each other? I could see that going both ways.
  • Ohio State – East #2 seed against North Carolina Central. They play in St. Louis. Living in Central Illinois that’s only an hour away. Could be fun to actually see games in person, but I’ve never wanted to miss the excitement that is watching all the games. Anyone have any personal accounts?
  • Iowa – Midwest #6 seed against Harvard. And here is where I realized commenting on all of these games would be quite the chore.
  • Illinois – West #7 seed against Norte Dame.
  • Michigan – West #10 seed against North Carolina.
  • Minnesota – East #12 play-in game against Texas. The winner would face U-Mass.

ESPN – Joe Lunardi also knows his stuff. Heck, he teaches a class on it!

  • Wisconsin – Midwest #1 seed against Western Carolina. There we go. That’s the kind of first round game I want.
  • Michigan State – South #1 seed against Southern.
  • Ohio State – East #2 seed against Bryant.
  • Iowa – West #6 seed against Kansas State.
  • Michigan – Midwest #7 seed against Virginia.
  • Illinois – East #9 seed against New Mexico.
  • Minnesota – East #12 play-in game against Saint Mary’s. Winner gets a date with Louisville.

Sports Illustrated These guys just released their first full bracket. Let’s see how wrong they are!

  • Wisconsin – East #2 seed against Bryant. First, I’d still expect the first games to be played in Milwaukee, but then they’d head to New York. Definitely not as favorable.
  • Michigan State – South #1 seed against Northern Colorado.
  • Ohio State – Midwest #1 seed against Charleston Southern.
  • Iowa – East #6 seed against the winner of Xavier and Boise State. A rematch already with Xavier? I think not.
  • Michigan – East #9 seed against New Mexico. Also, why put three B1G teams in the East and none in the West?
  • Illinois – South #7 seed against LSU.
  • Minnesota – South #11 seed against U-Mass. Again, three B1G teams in the South…

Sporting News This one just lists the seeds. I’ll give you possible Badger opponents, but that’s all. Sorry.

  • Wisconsin - #1 seed. Could play Boston, Bryant, Weber State, Charleston Southern, Florida Gulf Coast (gulp) or Texas Southern. I’d like to see Charleston Southern play Texas Southern, anyone else?
  • Ohio State – #1 seed.
  • Michigan State – #2 seed.
  • Iowa – #5 seed.
  • Michigan – #8 seed.
  • Illinois – #8 seed.
  • Minnesota – #11 seed.

Shelby’s Bracket WAG – I’m saving the best for last. Seriously, this guy is awesome. You’ll get an update every morning, and check out his Bracket Matrix. That’s some good work right there.

  • Wisconsin – Midwest #1 seed against winner of Radford and Albany.
  • Michigan State – South #1 seed against winner of Elon and Jackson State.
  • Ohio State – West #2 seed against UC-Santa Barbara.
  • Iowa – Midwest #6 seed against Southern Mississippi.
  • Illinois – East #7 seed against Florida State.
  • Michigan – West #9 seed against Xavier.
  • Minnesota – East #12 seed against U-Mass.

Well there you have it. Looking for the tl;dr version? Wisconsin is sitting very nicely to get to play at Milwaukee and Indianapolis. Both should provide some home court advantage. We’re also currently looking at seven teams in, with Minnesota right on the bubble (but in). See you next Thursday!

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