Badgers Hoops Recap: UW goes cold, OSU wins Big Ten title again


Wisconsin's Big Ten tournament final was exactly what frustrates and excites Badger fans all rolled into one as they went down to the Buckeyes of Ohio State 50-43 on Sunday. 

They played so well in stretches and believe it or not actually held a nine point lead and looked like it was going to run away with their second straight matchup between these two teams – that's the Badgers we know and love. 

However, as soon as they went up nine it was ice cold offense down the final stretch of the first half and it was just a 24-23 Wisconsin lead at intermission – that's the Badgers team we know and hate.

It was a battle early on in the 2nd half as well, but Wisconsin took a 41-3 lead on a nice Sam Dekker layup with 7:09 left in the game. UW managed to score all of two more points the rest of the way and that's the Badgers team we've seen and were frustrated by. 

Wisconsin, heck any team, can't win ball games when you score 2 whole points in 7:09 seconds of play. Having said that, what did the individual players do? It's time for Player Grades! 

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Player Grades:

Player Stats/Thoughts Grade
Ben Brust, G

6pts, 3 rebounds, 1 assist, 3-6 FG's, 32min.

Brust was awesome against Indiana and he was equally bad in this one. He took unnecessary and bad shot on the offensive end more often than not and it killed the Badgers late in the game.

Ryan Evans, F

6pts, 4 rebounds, 3-9 FG's, 2 assists, 28min.

Gonna sound like a broken record, but this wasn't Evans' best game. He had a few nice moments, but overall it wasn't pretty for him. He had 4 fouls and just couldn't get it going like he did the day before.

Mike Bruesewitz, F

6pts, 6 rebounds, 2-8 FG's, 34min.

Look there's nothing wrong with taking three pointers… If you're making them, but just because you hit one or two doesn't mean you should be taking them all the time. Bruesewitz taking 7 trey's is just not a good plan for winning a basketball game.

Traevon Jackson, G

10pts, 3 rebounds, 2 assists, 4-10 FG's, 35min.

Jackson has the confidence, now it's just about actually hitting smart shots. Just because a few big time shots go down doesn't mean you have to be the man with the ball in your hands with the shot clock winding down. He played himself into some bad, bad situations and made some bad choices in shot selection down the stretch too… 

Jared Berggren, F

2pts, 5 rebounds, 2 blocks, 1-4 FG's, 23min.

Total broken record, but he was a complete non-factor for most of the game and got out worked on the boards by OSU. That doesn't, nor should it happen often. He was non-existent on the offensive end of the floor as well and that never boads well for Wisconsin.

George Marshall, G

0pts, 2 assists, 1 rebound, 0-2 FG's, 12 min.

Marshall didn't play terribly but give OSU's defense credit as they trapped him into a few bad decisions offensively that he'll learn from. His impact was non-existent on this one.

Sam Dekker, F

8pts, 3 rebounds, 4 TO's, 3-6 FG's, 22min.

Dekker had a moment where we all thought he'd go off like yesterday with a great layup with 7:09 left, but that was it for him and for the team. Ugly showing for the frosh in that one.

Frank Kaminsky, F

5pts, 3 assists, 1 rebound, 2-2 FG's, 13min.

Kaminsky hit an important three pointer, but the rest of the team couldn't help him out either and while he didn't play big minutes he made a big impact. Perhaps the 2nd best player on the court for the Badgers on Sunday.



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