Beyond the Box Score: Wisconsin 75, Michigan 62

That was quite the roller coaster of a game.

The first half was one of the best we’ve seen all year, but we knew Michigan would make it close. Thankfully Frank Kaminsky was able to put it away at the end.

Let’s jump into the box score.

  • Wisconsin outscored Michigan in the paint 32-14. This is my favorite stat of the day. Kaminsky had a lot to do with this, but this season, when the Badgers lose, it’s because they are giving up a lot of points in the paint. To win the battle, and to win it by that much, shows that there is improvement, when, frankly, I didn’t know if there could be during that poor stretch.
  • The Badgers shot 7-17 from the three-point line. That itself isn’t anything spectacular, but take away Brust’s 1-7 performance, and the rest of the team shot 60%. Gasser is heating up and Dekker is showing range that he didn’t earlier in the season. It’s great having that many weapons.
  • Wisconsin turned the ball over two times. That’s amazing, even for a Bo Ryan coached team. Along with that, Michigan wasn’t able to score any points off either turnover.
  • Neither team scored a fast break basket. This is a stat Wisconsin will definitely be okay tying. While this team is able to run more than past teams, neutralizing the other team is much more important.

Now we have a week until the big game at Iowa. It’s a battle for third place, or even higher if the two Michigan schools keep losing.

Jay Swenson

About Jay Swenson

Jay is a Badger fan currently living in Central Illinois. He has written for several newspapers as a freelance writer, and was the Western Illinois basketball beat writer while in graduate school.