Big Ten vs. Big East Challenge to be announced

On Sunday afternoon the Big Ten and Big East put out a joint press release announcing a press conference for Monday afternoon. It didn’t take long for the powers that be to figure it all out, as the Big Ten and Big East are expected to announce a challenge series between the two conferences.

Details began emerging shortly after the announcement by the conferences, and according to reports some are expecting it to be a challenge series named after the late Dave Gavitt.

Gavitt was the former Big East commissioner and coach of the Providence Friars. He was instrumental in forming the Big East in 1979, and is one of the pioneers of television driving conference paydays.

The series is in addition to the annual ACC/Big Ten Challenge, which isn’t expected to be going anywhere. Given the Big Ten’s pus eastward and the Big East’s more Midwestern feel these days, this challenge series makes a lot of sense.

However, with the smaller size of the Big East, not every B1G team will participate on an annual basis. We will have more information as the press conference happens tomorrow. Make sure to follow us on Twitter: @MTBadgers for all information on this announcement and all your Badger news!

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