Where Badgers basketball ranks in 2013-14 preseason polls


It seems as if making lists, checking them twice…. Oh and coming out with ridiculously early preseason polls are all the rage around the interwebs these days. Normally I don't put a lot of stock in these things – especially the one's that come out like hours after the national championship game has been played – however, most have been smart now and have either updated or waited until the NBA draft deadline so we have a reasonable level of roster expectations. 

So, in that veign it's time to look at where the pollsters and bracketologists have the Badgers as we move into the summer dolldrums. 

(This list is meant as a conversation piece, so converstate away in our comments section folks)

Jon Rothstein of CBS: Wisconsin 24th
porting News: Wisconsin 11th
racketologyExpert.com: Wisconsin 20th 
Real GM: Wisconsin 10th 
USA Today Sports: Wisconsin RV 
Dick Vitale's Top 40: Wisconsin 28th 
Jason King of ESPN: Wisconsin on the cusp 
Andy Katz of ESPN: Wisconsin 25th 
CBSSports.com: Wisconsin 12th 

As you can see the rankings are all over the place for UW and really, after reading the polls it's more of a personal preference for some of these guys than an actual analysis of facts, rosters, and the like. Who do you think as the Badgers ranked too high, too low, or just right? Comment away, commenters.

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