Wisconsin Ranked 21st in Both Polls

After a two win week, the Badgers are back in both polls.

Making this easier to write, Wisconsin is currently ranked 21 in both the AP and Coaches Polls. They are one spot ahead of Ohio State in the AP and one behind in the Coaches.

Other Big Ten teams currently ranked are Michigan State (9 AP, 10 Coaches), Michigan (15, 18) and Iowa (16, 15).

While the conference has been crazy and is very hard to predict, in regards to the byes in the Big Ten Tournament, I think it’s coming down to these five teams. It’s still crazy to think that Bo Ryan has never played on a Thursday in the Big Ten tournament, and there’s still a good chance that stays true this year. A win against Minnesota on Thursday would be a nice start.

Jay Swenson

About Jay Swenson

Jay is a Badger fan currently living in Central Illinois. He has written for several newspapers as a freelance writer, and was the Western Illinois basketball beat writer while in graduate school.