Just less than a week ago we featured the Cougars of BYU on the MTB College Sports Bucket List and they make their final appearance on the list with another in state game, this one against the Aggies of Utah State.

No. 45 – BYU vs. Utah State (D1 Basketball): 

Unlike the rivalry with the Utes, this one is unquestionably a mutual rivalry on the basketball court. In football the Cougars really don’t see the Aggies as rivals at all. However, on the basketball court these two schools simply get after it.

For my money, seeing a game at Utah State’s Spectrum is alone worth being on the bucket list, but seeing this game at the Spectrum is why it’s so high on our list. There may not be a louder crowd in college basketball than what happens during gameday against the Cougars. 

Need proof? Check the video from last season:

Of course there’s also the famous scoreboard chant incident from the end of the game, something that really got under the skin of the visiting Cougars that same night as the video from above.

These two schools first met back in the 1905-06 season, making this a historically significant rivalry along with a heated one. However, it’s also a matchup that has been dominated by BYU, leading the overall standings at 136-92, with Utah State obviously winning last seasons matchup in Logan. 

What’s really helped this rivalry build is that the Aggies have been really good over the last 20 years along with BYU being good as well. Utah State is working on an 18 year streak of winning seasons, so they have a winning tradition that wasn’t always there before the current streak.

The atmosphere that one of the best student sections in the country produce along with the usual big school vs. little school attitude makes this a rivalry worth seeing, but only if you are at The Spectrum in Logan, but that’s just this writers opinion.

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