Hey, guess what, we’ve finally hit another event! Not just a rivalry game or some conference matchup, but an out and out event in the Drake Relays.

Before we get to the event and it’s reason for being so high on the list, let’s not not forget about what’s been highlighted already this week at No. 49 and No. 48 from earlier this week.

No. 47: Drake Relays (Track & Field): 


O.k., this one could technically not fall under the NCAA as there are some of the worlds best professional athletes competing, but the majority of this event surrounds what happens on the collegiate side of things, so for that it qualifies in my book. 

The famed blue track of Drake has been annually hosting one of the best and biggest meets on the college track & field schedule. It’s been going on since it’s inception in 1910 where around 100 spectators and 100 athletes took part in something that is now a century old. 

Yippie, it’s old and stuff, but what makes it unique and worthy of a Top 50 slot? Sure there are plenty of meets out there where people are running fast, jumping high, and throwing far, but there is no other atmosphere like the one surrounding the Drake Relays. 

For Des Moines, IA and the Drake University community it’s a chance to annually showcase itself for the entire world to see. Alumni come back to the university in droves, fans from across the world descend on Des Moines, and the community comes out in full support. 

While the actual sporting event itself is important, it’s actually become part of a larger celebration, one that has often stretched over three weekends. Of course it really helps when your major scene area (University Ave.) is located just down the street from the venue at hand. 

The Drake relays aren’t just about Track & Field, it’s truly become a celebration and what happens off the track is perhaps more fun than what is happening on the track at times. It’s simply hard to describe if you haven’t been to one or witnessed one of these events with your own eyes through some media coverage.

Oh, and it’s even become a place for you to show off your best cars. It’s really an event where you can find and do just about anything while also enjoying some of the best track & field athletes in the world.

Today you can expect about 8,000 or so athletes competing and many, many more fans in the stands and around the stadium having fun and creating one of the most unique atmospheres in all of track & field. It’s something you really have to experience to totally understand and because of it’s unique mix of entertainment and sports it ranks inside our Top 50.

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