Alvarez sheds light on Badgers coaching search


Speculation has been mounting for awhile about what's actually going on behind the scenes in Wisconsin's search for a new head football coach and earlier today AD/interim head coach Barry Alvarez spoke to College Sports Playbook on Sirius/XM Satellite radio. He gave further insight into the process as it's on going. 

Alvarez did indicate that two interviews have taken place already and that he is hoping for a 3rd to happen sometime soon. Who were those interviews with? One we know was Mel Tucker who admitted to speaking with Alvarez and declined after that to go further in the process. The other interview, well that's not as simple.

There were reports out that with Alvarez in Ohio it was Toledo's head coach getting the interview. However, that was simply impossible as the Rockets had already left for their bowl game and weren't in the state of Ohio at the time this interview was supposed to have taken place. 

So, what is Alvarez saying in regards to the process right now? One thing is for sure, he's keeping a tight lip on the actual names involved in the process and that's by design and part of his nature overall. 

"There's speculation here, everyday," said Alvarez in the interview. "Different names being thrown out, but they are just random names with out any substance behind them. If you talk to a head coach they want to keep it private also. They have to protect themselves and their situation. I don't want to make it public."

As for the second name, well that part seems to remain a mystery to say the least and frankly speculation, assumptions, and downright smoke screens have been put up everywhere around this hire. One thing that seems to remain a constant in Alvarez's talks with local and national media members is that he always mentions speaking with current head coaches. 

You can hear part of the full interview on the show here

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