Badgering the MTB Staff: UMass Predictions


We've come to the end of the week here and that means it's time for our team of writers to put their prediction skills to the test. That's right, each week each contributor will have their opportunity to go on the record, call their shot, and probably look like amazing fools (o.k., maybe not that last part – we are kinda awesome here at MTB, right?). 

So, as kickoff time stands under 24 hours it's time for us to put up and shut up. Here is our team of writers' predictions for the UMass game in "Badgering the MTB Staff" style. 

Andy:  Wisconsin 55, UMass 10
This game is going to be ugly… But in a good way for Badger fans. UMass probably couldn't win the CAA, let alone beat most FBS teams. Look for Gordon and White to have over 100 yards a piece as they pound the Minutemen into submission on the ground. This game has mismatch written all over it and it could be much worse, but I see Andersen calling off the dogs in the 4th quarter.

Arman:  Wisconsin 63 UMass 10
UMass will be over matched in all phases of the game. The way they score a touchdown, if at all, will not be the result of a long drive. Rather, it will come on a broken play, likely busted coverage from the Badger secondary, leaving a UMass receiver open on for a long touchdown pass.

Otherwise, UW dominates with a pounding ground attack, multiple touchdowns for James White and Melvin Gordon, as well as at least one bomb through the air to Abby.

Paul:  Wisconsin 52, UMass 6
UMass's coach has more children than his team will have points tomorrow. They are simply overmatched in every phase of the game; their players are all very young and mostly undersized. All of this adds up to an easy victory for the home team.

Jay:  Wisconsin 49, UMass 3
The Badgers are going to cover…barely. I'm expecting the Badgers to come out quick and put the game away early. After seeing what the quarterback(s) have, and after Gordon and White have done their damage, I see Andersen running out the clock with some long possessions. That's what his card says to do.

So, that's a clean sweep for the Badgers in our staff predictions. Who didn't see that coming?

We'll be keeping track of our records throughout the season as well… So look out for some serious trash talking on Social Media folks – we take ourselves just that seriously!! 

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