Badgers coaching carousel: Round 2


So, this has been an interesting exercise in getting to know the coaching carousel, especially the modern one that includes all sorts of crazy rumors, attacks, and much more via twitter and other forms of social media. Reports on Friday had Chris Petersen interviewing at Wisconsin on Monday, however Matt Hayes from the Sporting News talked about that on Tuesday morning on The Lucas & Lepay Show on The Big 1070 (fast forward to about the 26 minute mark for the full interview) and pretty much put the speculation to rest. 

What does that mean for the Badgers and the fans? Well, for one, we know to keep a healthy bit of skepticism – which we did here in the report asking the very question of whether that interview was going to happen or not.

We also learned what an insufferable and arrogant group of people the Boise State Broncos fans are. Pretty sure most of us rooted for them to bust the crap out of the BCS when they got in, but man did that stuff go to their fans' heads or what? I mean, they might actually be worse than Ohio State fans… Yes, I just said that and I mean it. In fact I'm starting to think that it's not even close. They have dudes that are dressed up like pimps passing judgment on others while claiming to run legit sites (their guy's twitter profile pic is quite laughable) and have access to the coach themselves. I seriously question who the staff at BSU allows to have access if that's the case, yikes.

It looks like no Chris Petersen to UW, huh?. O.k., so now what? Well, the other name that was rumored to be in the mix was Mel Tucker. However, he took his name out of the ring rather emphatically saying he had spoken to Alvarez, but expressed that at this point in time he does not have any interest in the UW head coaching job. 

So, with those two bigger names that were rumored to be in the mix out of the way, where does this leave the coaching carousel and the rumor mill? That's a damn good question, but names like Darrell Bevell and Bob Diaco are still names that pop up on the radar. 

It wouldn't surprise us to see a name we're not seeing coming become the head coach, it's all part of Alvarez trying to keep this all as quite as possible. He's taking the exact opposite approach than Tennessee did and that means info on who's exactly in the mix is scarce at best. 

The one thing you can count on from us is that we will give you names and reports as things become available to us through other reports and our own sources. 

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