Football assistant salaries released by Badgers

Remember that gripe that Bret Bielema had in regards to his assistant coaches salaries not being enough? Well, it's safe to say that message was heard loud and clear following his departure as today the salaries of four coaches were released by officials at UW. Not all salaries have gone up, but those that have, have made a significant jump – mainly at the coordinators positions.

According to the release, the highest paid of the four assistant coaches salaries released belongs to that of T.J. Woods, the offensive line coach, who will make $225,000. Yes, you are reading that right – that's just $40,000 less than what former offensive coordinator Matt Canada made last season at Wisconsin. 

The other three salaries that were released were for safeties coach Bill Busch ($220,000), defensive line coach Chad Kauha'aha'a ($205,000), and tight ends/special teams coach Jay Boulware ($225,000). 

Now, to be fair, Woods' salary is on par with what Markuson made last season, as are pretty much the rest of the salaries give or take just a few thousand here or there. 

What did change was the significant pay raise that the offensive and defensive coordinators have received. New offensive coordinator Andy Ludwig and defensive coordinator Dave Aranda are both scheduled to make $480,000 – that's a jump of over $200,000 a year from what their predecessors were making last year. 

It could be a signal that Wisconsin is about to step it's game up in the world of coaches salaries, even if it's  only slightly. But, don't expect them to get into the crazy rat race that is the SEC level of salaries at any point in time soon, if ever. 

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