Badgers Football ticket prices on the rise?


Going to a Wisconsin football game has cost $42 dollars a game since 2010, however, according to Andy Baggot of the Wisconsin State Journal Badger fans can expect to see a ticket increase for the 2013 season

Details of that ticket pricing policy won't be released until next week, but according to Baggot, Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez has indicated the upcoming ticket announcement will only affect football for the 2013-14 operating budget. 

Badger fans haven't seen an increase in their ticket prices (at least on the season ticket level) since the 2010 season and the 2007 season before that. So, this increase shouldn't come as a surprise, as it follows the every three year pattern that's happens as of late. 

No details of price point or if the "Premium game" variable pricing will stay in place, but either way Wisconsin fans should feel lucky. You could be paying $175 a game for a season ticket like what was just announced by Ohio State, right?

We'll have further details when they are announced next week.

Andrew Coppens

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