Beef Bowl goes to Bucky…. Again.

(Center Travis Frederick gives ceremonial first pour at the Lawry's Beef Bowl)

Wisconsin made it 6-1 in their trips to the Rose Bowl…. Wait, that's not right… Ah, but it is. See, they made it 6-1 in the annual Lawry's Beef Bowl, an unofficial eating contest that takes place the week of the Rose Bowl each year since 1956. Bucky bested Stanford in a close battle, winning by eating 619 pounds of delicious Prime Rib as a team to their Pac-12 opponents' 602 pounds. 

Now, let's just hope that it doesn't turn out on the field like it has the previous two trips, right? In the 2011 Rose Bowl the Badgers lost the Beef Bowl and the game, holding the trend true and then last season the Badgers bucked the trend by winning the Beef Bowl, but losing the game.

The individual award for most beef eaten this year was a tie between two offensive linemen (who didn't see that coming) in the UW's reserve Dallas Lewallen and Stanford's freshman Joshua Garnett who each ate 7 cuts of Prime Rib before running out of time. 

Yep, that's SEVEN cuts of 24oz deliciousness down the players throats. Add in a little mashed potatoes, gravy, and some corn and you have yourself one heck of a meal. 

Wisconsin didn't even come close to doing what they did to that poor restaurant staff last year, devouring over 700 pounds of beef last year in crushing the Ducks. Again, that didn't translate to happening on the field, but if you're a Badgers fan don't worry too much about it. 

Why? That's because 39 of the past 56 winners of the Beef Bowl have also gone on to win the Rose Bowl too. That's a winning percentage of .696.

Hopefully with the likes of Travis Frederick and the gang up front taking it a bit easier this year that focus can remain on the football field and these guys can help bring home a Rose Bowl championship trophy. 

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