Capital One Bowl Preview: Q&A with Leftover Hotdog

We're just one day away from Wisconsin vs. South Carolina in the Capital One Bowl and that means its time to take a look at this game from the opposite perspective. 

Helping us give the low down on all things Gamecocks are the folks from Leftover Hotdog, the South Carolina blog here on the Bloguin network. Make sure to check them out for all things Gamecocks heading into and during the Capital One Bowl. 

So, let's go behind enemy lines for a moment and check out what they have to say about this matchup. 

MadTownBadgers:  Everyone talks about Jadeveon Clowney, but he isn’t a one-man wrecking crew all the time. Who else should Badger fans get to know before this game? 

Leftover HotDog: USC is blessed with a solid defense. While Clowney has been double teamed all year, others have stepped up and that has been key for the Gamecocks in 2013. Keep eyes on Kelcy Quarles at defensive tackle and Chaz Sutton on the other side of the line. Those two have benefited from Clowney getting attention. In the secondary, the leader is Vic Hampton as he is the "shut down corner."

MTB:  What has been the biggest difference in Connor Shaw this season? I mean 21 TDs to just 1 INT…That’s ridiculous.

LHD: Connor has been the steady hand that USC needed this season and is the real reason for the success. He manages the offense nicely, does not make mistakes and can hurt you with his feet. He has been a great QB for USC and Coach Spurrier as he simply gets it done.

MTB:  What do you see as being the key to South Carolina Victory and on the flip-side, USC’s biggest weakness?

LHD: The key to victories for USC has been a well-rounded offense. If the Gamecocks can get things going on the ground and execute in the passing game, then it equals good things for South Carolina. On defense, the key to winning has been stopping the run. Now the biggest weakness for USC is a lack of execution on defense in stopping the run. When USC has lost this season, it has been because they have failed to penetrate and stop the run. This is what scares me about the Badgers….the run game.

MTB:  If Badger fans run into you lovely Gamecocks down in Orlando, what is the tailgating protocol down your way?

LHD: The big thing is just have fun and be ready to talk football. USC fans love to tailgate so get there early. Oh, don't confuse gamecocks for chickens….big difference.

MTB:  Prediction and why?

LHD: I really like the match-up and feel it will be worthy of watching for the average college football fan. I think USC plays tight in the first half but pulls away in the second after adjustments are made to stop the run. That is the key….if South Carolina has success in limiting the Badgers ground game then it will be a good day but if not, oh lordy……Look for USC to win 31-24.

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