Five Things to Watch for: Bowl Projections


How about that? 2-0 in October and now we’re through it. Now that we are halfway through the season, I figured it would be a good time to check out where some of the “experts” think the Badgers will fall come bowl season. Some of these match-ups look pretty tough.

ESPNThis is the only list I’m going with that has two possibilities. First, Mark Schlabach has Wisconsin taking on Auburn in the Capital One Bowl. This is kind of where I see the Badgers ending up, unless…we go with Brad Edwards who predicts the Badgers in the Orange Bowl against Florida State. Talk about a tough match-up there. Playing a loaded Florida State team in Florida would be a mammoth challenge.

CBS SPORTS – Oh look…another Orange Bowl match-up against Florida State. While I think it would be an extremely tough match-up, it would be cool to be in a BCS Bowl that is the prime-time game of the night. Yes, the Cotton Bowl is the same day, but the other BCS Bowls get a lot more publicity than it does.

SPORTING NEWS – Outback Bowl against LSU. This has always been my least favorite bowl game. It’s an early start which makes nursing off New Year’s Eve all that more difficult. It also means less of a crowd at the local sports’ bar (my personal choice while home for the holidays is Gooch’s Greenhouse in tiny Kieler). But hey, it’s still a New Year’s Day game, which is better than most teams can say.

PHIL STEELE – Sugar Bowl against Missouri. That’d be a fun game, and the Sugar Bowl is the only game on the 2nd, so it’d have the whole country’s attention. That being said, I’m still holding out hope that somehow Missouri gets over the loss of James Franklin and stuns the world by taking the SEC. The Tigers haven’t been in the conference long enough to hate like many of those southern schools.

OFF TACKLE EMPIRE – Orange Bowl against Clemson. Now this is a little more reasonable. Clemson would also be a difficult game, but not at the level Florida State would be. I’d be satisfied with this result.

Overall, while another Rose Bowl would be nice, I don’t see it happening and neither do the experts. Much depends on how Ohio State finishes and obviously also depends on Wisconsin winning out. I think one last BCS game is still a stretch, but definitely doable.

What bowl do you want to see the Badgers end up in this year? Tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment below or by following us on Twitter.

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