Good old Bert Bielema at it again…


Man, do we love us some revionist history here at MTB and while we've moved on to bigger and better things for the most part, it seems as if every once in awhile good old Bert rears his ugly head and opens his hypocritical mouth just to remind us all of what we don't miss anymore. 

On Tuesday it was SEC spring meetings/media circus/general circus (no seriously, have you seen what happens around these events… Just give 'em three rings and you'd be golden) and that meant Bert's chance to shine and tell all. For him, it meant inserting foot into mouth once again when talking SEC vs. B1G.

So, what did the WPS calvary leader say now? Well…. try explaining away his comments about the B1G not wanting to be like the SEC – in any way shape or form. 

Here was his attempt at it: 

"In the Big Ten, we disliked the SEC because of the success they had." 

Huh? I may not be MENSA smart or anything, but I'm at least smart enough to comprehend that if that's the case then Bielema just said that in the Big Ten the goal isn't to be successful. You know… since "In the Big Ten we don't want to be like the SEC in any way, shape, or form" and all….

Honestly, his need to talk about the Big Ten at all is beyond us. All it does is serve to get himself in trouble, you know in light of previous comments and on top of all he's hypocritically said about Wisconsin fans and his own stated Twitter policy from August of 2012. 

Now… back to regularly scheduled optimism about 2013 and the Gary Andersen era beginning!! Just Arthur Goldberg to Badger football anyway baby!! 

Andrew Coppens

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