Is QB Battle Tight or Is O’Brien Separating Himself?

StaveOn offense there are three huge concerns and finally on Monday the media got to see something other than stretching and punting (the only parts of practice they got to see in a full week of camp) – they actually got to see a full practice.

Media were able to attened the first of two-a-days yesterday and although our staff was back home from a weekend of full coverage, other media folks were around. So, why not give you a few of their thoughts and add in a few of my own opinions after speaking with all three QB’s in the battle on Sunday at Media Day. 

Throughout the first week of camp we’ve heard from Bielema that all three are really deep in a battle, but it was still hard to believe because we hadn’t seen it for our own eyes. Well, Monday was that opportunity and according to Jeff Potrykus of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel the battle is real and way too close to call.

However, if you read Tom Mulhern of the Wisconsin State Journal the newest Badgers QB looked the best and is the clear frontrunner. So, who’s to be believed, huh?

Well, Mulhern says in the article that it’s a simple process of elimination, yet basis this information off of just one full practice. Potrykus on the the other hand is more cautious and I tend to side with that. 

Here’s my philosophy: One good day does not a starting QB make. (or insert your own Yoda reference as you see fit.) Hell, one good day does not a football player make, PERIOD.

But, here’s what I am willing to say with the limited information we have at hand: After our staff got a chance to speak to all three this past weekend it’s clear to us that this is a true battle, but that whomever wins it will have the full support of the rest of the group. It’s also clear that the staff has confidence in all three and walk-on Chase Knox and that’s because they are really playing at a higher level than what we saw from the group as a whole last year and that’s at least encouraging. 

No matter what happens we know that Bielema would love to have his starting quarterback named at least 10 days outside of the Sept. 1st opener against Northern Iowa. 

(To me this smacks of coach speech and if the race is still tight between at least two of the guys you’ll see both play a ton against the Panthers and possibly further till there’s clear seperation.) 

Even though I think it’s a bit of coach speak, it could well happen based on how the staff feels about each player running the offense. They all have arms and can throw the ball well, but sometimes chemistry and feeling are what separates the players out and it could well come down to that in making their decision.

Look for this to really play out over the next week as we head deeper into camp and also have the first scrimmage, which will be seen by the media. My early guess on this position? Well, you’ll just have to tune in to Badgers Power Hour tonight at 8:30pmCT.

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