Montee Ball gets ESPN’s Sports Science Treatment


Guess what? We're just a few weeks from the NFL Draft!! Yippie…. Yep, that's where were at here in the doldrums of the offseason, but at least as Badgers fans we can look forward to at least a few names of former Badgers being called at the draft, right? 

Well, as ESPN ramps up their coverage heading into the draft they just recently did a profile on Wisconsin's Montee Ball as part of their Sports Science feature:

Safe to say the dude is powerful… as in having a more powerful stiff arm than the almight Adrian Peterson did in his Sports Science game changer test. At least these sets of drills actually measure things that will matter come Sunday's in the NFL – but hey what do we know having seen this guy for four straight years in the Badgers backfield right?


Andrew Coppens

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