Budmayr, Houston Having Problems.


UPDATE – 3.7.12:

After speaking with the media at the Badgers Pro Timing Day Badger Football Head Coach Bret Bielema gave an update on what it is exactly that Houston is going through and it’s a surgery to remove a cyst they found on a repair to a previous injury to his shoulder.  

Thankfully the worst case scenario of a new tear wasn’t found, but it’s still not a minor procedure to go through at all.  

We also got some unexpected (as in we didn’t know he would tell us about another QB, not that we didn’t see this coming, type of unexpected) news in the ongoing saga that is Jon Budmayr and his ailing elbow.  Apparently he has suffered yet more setbacks with his elbow, but Bielema stopped short of calling it career threatening.  

So, just when you thought things were turning the corner for someone who has a bit of proven ability behind him, BAM…. down he goes again.  

We wish him nothing but a speedy recovery and hope that he figures out whatever is truly causing him this pain, whether that means playing football again or not.




According to a report out of the Wisconsin State Journal things have gone from bad to worse at Quarterback for the Badgers as star recruit Bart Houston needs surgery on his throwing shoulder and may not participate or be limited at the least through fall camp.  

That is certainly not good news for a QB staff that has zero experienced options and two QB’s already coming off of serious injuries in Curt Philips (back to back ACL surgeries) and Jon Budymar (elbow issues) that may limit or prevent them from being active this spring.  

What that means is we’ll probably get a really good idea of what last year’s backup Joe Brennan and redshirt freshman walk-on Joel Stave have by the end of the Spring game on April 28th.  

The report indicated this news was brought up by Bielema at a Mendota Gridiron Club meeting in Oshkosh on Monday night and details on exactly what the injury was aren’t known at this time. 

From the sounds of it they may have caught this cyst early and further damage was not done, which is the best case scenario at this point.  We wish Bart well and hope that he can be active at fall camp.  

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