New 2013 Wisconsin football helmets?

We see all sorts of crazy stuff on the interwebs these days, but this….. this just takes the cake. We'll let you be the judge first though. 


Now those are the glossy ones. We all know the trend is to go Matte and Wisconsin hasn't done that yet, so here are those designs.

Yep, you are looking at what's circulating as a possible helmet for the Badgers. Of course there is no official thought that this is from the Wisconsin athletic department to it at this point, but with the rate of ridiculous helmet designs we've seen throughout college football in the past 24 months or so I wouldn't put it past the decal makers and the like. All I know is this screams NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

I don't mind the matte finished ones as much, that I will tell you, but overall I think there could be a better design out there – BY A MILE!!

I'm not sure what would be worse… this helmet design or letting Adidas get ahold of the uniforms again. Chances are we'll probably see the later happen – maybe for the Iowa or Minnesota games would be my guess, but good lord is this idea awful or what? What say you?

Andrew Coppens

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