Opposition Q&A: The Utah State Edition

It's that time of the week once again, you know, the time of week when we sneak into enemy territory and get a scouting report of what could be coming on Saturday. Yes, that time is here once again and we were joined by Tony Jones – the Utah State beat writer for the Salt Lake Tribune.

Let's dive right in and see what he's got to say ahead of the Badgers vs. Aggies, shall we?

MTB: We had the chance to scout the Aggies on Friday Night against the Utes, was that performance indicative of this team in 2012 or were they just up for the rivalry game?

Jones: The Aggies seem to think they can do this every week. I've covered USU for four years, and I haven't seen them this confident. They really believe in themselves, and really think they can win this game if they do the right things.

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MTB: Chuckie Keeton is a name the college football world may not know, but what does he bring to the table in just his sophomore season?

Jones: Physically, Keeton escapes the pocket well, throws well on the move and can throw the deep ball. Most impressive to me is his mental approach to the game. He's a poised quarterback beyond his years. He won't turn the ball over, and isn't reckless like a lot of running quarterbacks. He's somebody with huge upside. We could be talking about a guy who's a near All-American by the time he's a senior.

MTB: Defensively this team seems to be very attack orientated, but are they big enough to handle the Badger offensive line this Saturday? Or is it more that scheme matters versus size?

Jones: They have size. Not tremendous size, but they they aren't small up front. They are definitely athletic, and they have a deep and talented linebacking corps. They blitz a lot and they aim to confuse at the line of scrimmage.

MTB: Wisconsin has been a cradle of running backs as of late, but Utah State graduated two to the NFL last season and it appears they have two good ones in Kerwynn Williams & Joe Hill this season. What do they bring to the table that will challenge the Badgers?

Jones: Williams will receive the vast majority of the carries. He's versatile, has good vision and can make you miss in the hole. He doesn't have Hill's raw speed, but he's a very good running back who is having a productive senior season.

MTB: Is there any worry over a letdown following the first win for the Aggies over Utah in 12 years?

Jones: I don't think so. This program has lost and has stunk for so long that they won't dare think they've actually accomplished something with a few wins.

MTB: Coach Anderson seems to have this team on another level in terms of competing with the "Big Boys" of college football, what are the feelings on Anderson around the program and outside of the program?

Jones: Outside the program, the feeling is that Andersen may be gone after this season. The program loves him internally and will do whatever it takes to keep him happy. Will it be enough?

Bonus Question: What is your prediction for Saturday night?

Jones: USU will be competitive. But I believe Wisconsin won't let itself lose twice in a row to inferior opponents. Badgers win 24-17

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