Pressure from fans behind Bielema leaving?

It's safe to say the news that Bret Bielema is off to Arkansas has left the Badger fanbase stunned, whether or not you were in his corner, it's still surprising. After the move all sorts of reports are out there about the how and the why, but one of them is really sticking out. According to a report by ESPN760 in South Florida Bret Bielema wasn't enjoying the pressure put on him following 5 losses. Their source in all of that reporting? Dwyer High School football head coach Jack Daniels', the guy who's given Wisconsin 5 players since the 2004 season. 

So, what did he have to say in regards to this move? 

“I talked to him yesterday. He sounded down,” said Daniels. “He said he had offers in front of him and had some decisions to make.”

“He had always said he wanted to retire at Wisconsin, but he took a lot of heat this year (5 losses). I don't think Bret has that kind of skin.”

Initial reaction? HAHAHAHAHA. Seriously, if you have that thin of skin that you can't handle a vocal minority of the fan base that doesn't like you, how exactly are you going handle the SEC?

Have you seen what they do to coaches down there? Just ask Gene Chizik what it's like. That guy won Auburn a national championship and a few years later he's on the unemployment line. 

As with the Bielema haters out there, we'll say this to Bielema too – be careful what you wish for. The $$$ may be better and the facilities better at Arkansas, but so is the pressure. What you experienced at Wisconsin is nothing in comparison to what you'll experience on a daily, if not hourly basis in that football mad part of the world. 

Andrew Coppens

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