Report: Gary Andersen to be named Wisconsin Badgers head coach

Just a few hours ago reports emerged that the name Gary Andersen, Utah State's head coach, was a leading candidate, now Tom Mulhern of the Wisconsin State Journal and other sources are reporting Gary Andersen will become the next head coach at the University of Wisconsin.

No official announcement from the UW can come until after the close of business tomorrow. Andersen started coaching the Aggies in the 2009 season and led Utah State to 4-8, 4-8, 7-6, and 11-2 seasons in his four years there. 

The hire of Andersen is one that fits the off the radar way that Barry Alvarez operated in this hiring process and while it's an intriguing hire some may be wondering what about the offense that Andersen ran, you know – the spread? 

One thing has been clear throughout the process is Alvarez will not hire a coach that will convert to a spread offense and you have to think that Andersen has been more than open to running the style of offense Wisconsin has, especially as he saw it up close and personal in a 16-14 loss to the Badgers this season. 

Utah State has built it's success around the defense, ranking at or near the top of every defensive category, giving up just 15.4 points a game (8th nationally) and 322.1 yards a game (15th nationally). 

We're guessing he gets used to seeing this pretty quickly, huh?

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