Riley, Rhoads situations highlight the craziness of the Badgers coaching carousel

Boy, oh boy… You've gotta love the silly season that is the Badgers coaching carousel, huh?. It's honestly getting sickening to see the sheer number of rumors, denials, and pure speculation. Honestly, it's hard to not bring you the maybe news and the actual news in regards to this situation. Why?

Well, when it was reported last night by that Oregon State's Mike Riley would be interviewing with Wisconsin the person making the report cited multiple sources at the time. Clearly those are about the worst sources in history or someone is feeding information to said reporter to find out who's leaking what or who's actually interested. 

Today Riley made it abundently clear his thoughts on the Wisconsin job saying to ESPN's Joe Schad that he "has not interviewed, isn't scheduled to interview, and has no interest in Wisconsin."

Also, earleir today Badger247's Evan Flood also reported that sources are telling them that Paul Rhoads isn't going anywhere and has no interest in the Wisconsin job either.

I know, it's the nature of the PR game to throw out some curveballs and to throw out big names to garner even bigger interest in what's going on, but somehow this thing has gotten completely out of control in terms of people in the "mainstream media" trying to grab names at any and all cost. 

Hats off to some of the local Madison journalists for not taking all the bait for sure, but even some of the Madison press corp. has fallen victim to this all. 

We've tried our best to take a skeptical look while walking the line of giving you the updates on names that have come up and hope we can continue to earn your trust in getting you the latest rumors that have at least a shred of crediblity to them while giving you the full picture of what's being said about those names out there too.

With that said, feel free to leave us comments, let us know your thoughts on our coverage and of course follow us on Twitter for the most up to date info out there. 

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