Rose Bowl bets are in amongst civic leaders

If you're a betting man, the Rose Bowl and bowl season offer up some interesting bets to say the least. I mean you could bet on anything from simple lines and over/unders to how many times a certain broadcaster says a certain word or players name. We've seen them all before in the past two years to say the least. However, what can be interesting is what some of the civic leaders decide to bet. 

Yesterday it was announced that the Mayors of Palo Alto and Madison were betting on trees (and no that's not a swipe at Stanford's mascot). The losing mayor will have to organize a tree planting in honor of the winning team in their city. Sounds right up Madison's ally, huh? 

The county board leaders of the two schools are going a bit more traditional and betting team jerseys for the game. Now that's a bit more like it sports fans. 

I'm just surprised we weren't betting beer, brats, and cheese in return for microchips and whatever else is mass produced in Silicon Valley. Come on, that would've been the smart thing to do. 

However, we have yet to hear what interim chancellor David Ward and his counterpart at Stanford will be betting, if anything at all – perhaps that's where the food and wacky bet will come in to play. 

Just one day I'd love to see these groups do something daring and fun, you know… Something that would really grab headlines, which is what all of these bets are supposed to be about in anyway, right?

Andrew Coppens

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