Wisconsin Spring Game set for April 20th

At the weekly Monday Press Conference athletic director Barry Alvarez made two announcements regarding the Badgers annual Spring Game for football. The first was that the game would be set for April 20th at 2pm Central time at Camp Randall and the second was that the game proceeds would go to the UW School of Pharmacy. 

"We're going to use this as an opportunity for us to highlight the school, to highlight the role of the pharmacist, and especially to launch a new med drop site at the UW police department headquarters across from Camp Randall," said UW School of Pharmacy Dean Jeanette Roberts on Monday. "This will be the first med drop site on campus."

This will be the 3rd year the Badgers have used the Spring Game to help benefit projects amongst the different college's at the University – starting with the school of nursing and then the school of Ecology last year. One of the neat things is that each school has been able to use this partnership to benefit their department as they see fit and that doesn't change with the game this year either. 

The money raised will go to helping the Pharmacy school's Great People scholarship fund. 

"We will be devoting the proceeds of the spring game to our Great People scholarship program," Roberts announced. "This is all needs based scholarships, a program that was originated two or three years ago now, and we're absolutely committed to reducing the student debt load of our graduates and promoting the fact that pharmacy education can and should be accessible for any qualified student regardless of socioeconomic status."

This game has been plagued by bad weather and cold conditions the past two years and with a new staff, a QB battle brewing, and a program coming off of back-to-back-to-back Big Ten championships the hope is that this will be the biggest crowd yet for the annual spring game. 

Tickets are on sale for the game now and details as well as actual tickets can be bought on the official Badgers website. Cost of a ticket is $5.

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