Badgers Power Hour – Assessing NCAA tourney hopes


It was a MTB kind of party last night on Badgers Power Hour as Andy, Arman, and Nate all joined in the festivities!! We talked Badgers football, hockey, basketball and more. 

What kind of seed can Wisconsin basketball earn? Can we really kiss Badgers hockey NCAA tourney hopes goodbye? What the hell is up with Mike Bruesewitz's hair? Oh, and really Bielema, really? 

Those were just a few of the questions asked and answered last night…. We also explored why a bet on March Madness this year is an excercise in futility, unless you are willing to be in agony! So, sit back and enjoy the latest edition of Badgers Power Hour. 

The Badgers have just a good of a chance at winning the Big Ten as anyone, but it will all come down to how they can play in the Big Ten Tournament. Do you guys see them upsetting the top teams to win it all and pave their way to the big dance?

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