Bucky provides the ultimate Wisconsin study break

If you're a Badgers fan you know just how awesome Buckingham U. Badger is and chances are you also knew that the guy the rest of the world just calls Bucky is actually called Buckingham U. Badger. However, if you're a student at the UW chances are you've had a run in or two with the best mascot in America. Well, it's finals week at Wisconsin and that means hitting the books extra hard for the vast majority of students. It Also means your life patterns change. You find yourself hanging out more at the library, less at the bars – or maybe more so if you're a graduating senior. Who can blame you, right?

But, if you are hitting the books extra hard there's such a thing as over-studying and as of late it's been Bucky's job to give some comic relief and much needed study breaks…. 

(now that's a hot study date, huh?)

(I know I've felt like standing on my head during finals week)

To me, in the madness that has been the coaching search a good laugh is well needed and I think this is yet another example of why "When you say Wisconsin, You've said it all," rings so true! ON WISCONSIN!!

Andrew Coppens

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