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This past weekend was chalk full of Badgers news and notes.  One of the most interesting aspects of the weekend was the NFL Draft and the drama that was the selection of Russell Wilson by the Seattle Seahawks on Friday night.  

Being in Madison the place was abuzz with the news of his pick and excitement for his next adventure.  Wilson returned the love on Saturday at the annual spring game with this video: 

Congrats to him and the five other Badgers drafted as well as the seven rookies that signed undrafted free agent contracts following the end of the draft on Sunday.  It’s amazing to think we’re putting that many guys into the NFL on a year to year basis when I can remember years where the Badgers were lucky to have one person selected at all.  

While we’re talking #AllRussellAllEverything what was up with the E!SPN half hour man crush on the guy?  Just seeing the coverage at the establishment we were at it seemed totally ridiculous.  It ended in one of the best moments of the draft and that was the fight between Mel Kipper, Jr. and Jon Gruden.  If you missed it check it out here.

Away from the draft and back to the Badgers that are actually on the field, we were able to gather a bit of video at the event.  So check out each one of the scores from field level here:

As we and other sources reported 2013 WR Rob Wheelwright committed to the Badgers as of yesterday and Adam Mertz of the Wisconsin State Journal has a great look into how new wide receivers coach Zach Azzani’s role helped to land him.

One of the more impressive performances on Saturday came from new kicker Kyle French who hit 8 of 9 in the two rapid kicking segments and one of the misses was a 57 yard attempt that was just short.  It will be a topic tomorrow on Badgers Power Hour LIVE at 8:30pm Central.  But check out this good piece, also from Adam Mertz, about French.

Believe it or not there were other things happening outside of Football this past weekend and one of the coolest was the performance of Mohammed Ahmed, who posted the sixth fastest time in the world at the 10,000 Meter distance.  He’ll be in the London Olympics later this year thanks to that time which is an automatic qualifier.  Add that on to his NCAA Cross Country Championship and he’s quickly climbing up our ranks of male athlete of the year, which we’ll be handing out in June.

Don’t forget we’ll have more on all of the football news and notes from this past weekend in our Season Finale of BADGERS POWER HOUR tomorrow night at 8:30pm Central LIVE!

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