Report: Badger band received verbal abuse from Lions’ Dominic Raiola

Normally our focus is on what happens between the lines and during games of all sorts for the Wisconsin Badgers, but from time to time the story is what happens outside those lines and this morning that is exactly the case. 

According to a report from The Big Lead, while the Wisconsin band was at the Green Bay Packers game on Sunday, certain members of the band were subjected to some horrible treatment from the Detroit Lions' Dominic Raiola. 

Now, this wouldn't be much of a story if it weren't for a Facebook post of one band member, Zach York, who alleged this on his post here: 

Dominic Raiola is literally the worst person I have ever had the fortune to encounter. After marching down the field awaiting the national anthem, He went off on a verbal tirade, among other things, questioning my sexuality (as a band member) and then continued on to bring my sister and my recently deceased mother into the conversation. After I refused to give him the satisfaction of turning to look at him, he switched targets to a trombone ranting at him calling him overweight and saying he can’t play a real sport. After our halftime show, the same fine gentleman called a female member of the band the “c” word.

What makes this even more curious is the fact that Raiola's brother, Donovan, was a star center for the Badgers, graduating in 2005 and going undrafted in the 2006 NFL Draft. 

Way to keep it classy there Raiola. I mean, seriously…Getting your jollies off by picking on band members? What are you…10? 

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