An Alvarez on the Sidelines in 2013 after all?

Current Athletic Director and former head coach/interim head coach Barry Alvarez made it abundantly clear during the process of finding a new head coach that he would not be coming back to the sidelines to coach the team in 2013, however there still will be an Alvarez roaming the Badgers sidelines after all

Wait, what? Huh? Well, Alvarez's grandson, Joe Ferguson, who is set to graduate from Madison Memorial high school this spring will join the Badgers football team as a walk-on starting in 2013. 

So, we can all rejoice in knowing that there will be an Alvarez presence on the 2013 team after all and those that desperately wanted Barry on the sidelines can take a little solace in knowing someone related to him will, right? 

Ferguson, a quarterback in high school, is expected to switch positions because of need and his overall athletic ability. The most likely of spots is at Safety where the Badgers are incredibly thin thanks to a loss of three recruits at the position in the past month or so. 

According to Mulhern's article the newest Badger is a smart one, recording a 31 on his ACT and he's also a fast one, recording a time of 4.5 seconds in the 40 yard dash. 

So, counting him out of playing QB at Wisconsin, especially with some of the changes may be a bit premature. However, despite some really good performances at offseason camps there are considerable questions surrounding Ferguson's arm strength and accuracy, at least at the Big Ten level, as a QB. 

Either way, he will be a preferred walk-on for the Badgers, and a player to keep an eye on to have an impact in his career at the UW. Oh, and the Alvarez legacy at Wisconsin now will have a players touch as well.

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