Tournament Challenge Final Standings

TCAfter some wild swings in the first weekend of the NCAA tournament it literally came down to the final minutes and the final score of the Kentucky vs. Kansas title tilt last night.  Congratulations to all of those that picked Kentucky as the National Champion and it came down to just one single game, but the winner was Erin Hauber, by just 20 points!!  

For those of you who had Kentucky as your National Champion you all won your very own burned couch or car, which can be picked up in Lexington, KY at some point today.  No, seriously, congrats on winning it all.  We had 11 of the 25 participants get the national champion right.  

The best showing from our group of experts came from our very own Cole Brown who finished 12th with 1010 points.  Yours truly finished 16th with 750 points and bringing up the rear and owing me some sweet Carolina BBQ was Mike Holder (co-host of College Tournament Central) who finished a dismal 23rd.  

Had it not been Kentucky and Kansas but Louisville and Ohio State in the final last night I actually would’ve been on top of the heap, that’s how close and well picked this tournament challenge was. 

That brings me to our overall champion, Erin Hauber, or bambam2 as the entry was named!!  You’re the proud winner of gear from the MadTown Badgers Store as well as some nice swag from our friends at Northwestern Mutual.  Erin also earned the right to a guest column here on MTB, so should she want to do it look for that soon!! I’m sure there will be some bragging or A LOT of it!!

For the rest of you, don’t worry, there’s always next year!  Hey, it’s the motto I have to live by after my shoddy performance of getting just 3 of the final 4 correct!  I hope more of you will join in the fun next year and we’ll have even greater prizes in store for the winner!

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