Views From the Editors Desk: Brackets, Brackets, Brackets!!

EditorsDeskNormally this is a place for yours truly to spout off about something that is bugging me or a point of pride as a Badgers fan, but we’ve come to March and for basketball freaks, geeks, and even just your casual co-workers this is the one time of the year that all eyes are on the college sports world.  

It’s easily my favorite time of the year because it brings out what’s best in college athletics and after the things that have gone down in the past 12 months or so those that follow and cover college sports could use a reminder of why college sports are so great!  

Because of that a good friend of our site and editor of The Smoking Pen, Mike Holder took some time out of the day to bring you our first ever Bracket Breakdown Special as part of our College Tournament Central feature on the MadTown Badgers Radio Network.  I’m excited to release my bracket and hope the insight we gave you through our 2 plus hour special helps you figure out somethings for your brackets!!  So enjoy the following episode:


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Despite the audio problems, for which I apologize, there was a lot of info handed out and I hope you’ll enjoy it!!

Overall we’re going to be bringing you a full look at the weekend that was and the weekend that will be in the NCAA Tournament every Monday night, so make sure to join us and chat about the tournament as we progress via blogtalkradio, so follow us there and you won’t miss an episode!

Don’t forget to join our Tournament Challenge with the winner getting some MadTownBadgers gear and a guest post here on the site!!  If you aren’t too afraid of losing, come on in and join us!!

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